"When I moved to Eugene to start a doctoral program at the University of Oregon, I began individual counseling with Margot Zeitner to ease the transition from professional to student, manage stress, and improve my personal decision-making. After consistent work with Margot, I feel more present and on track to meet my professional and personal goals. Margot's flexibility with scheduling and helpful strategies made counseling both approachable and effective but what I appreciated most was her sense of humor and ability to put me at ease. I am grateful for Margot's warm and supportive personality and without hesitation, recommend her therapeutic services." - Previous client.

"I am very thankful for the opportunity to have worked with Margot. I saw her for about a year, and she helped me work through grief, my relationship with my parents, and was a support and sounding board as I figured out how to be more assertive in various friendships and other relationships. My experience with her was so good that when, in the wake of the loss of a close family member, I needed to see a therapist again, I sought her out. That time we met for about 8 months, and having her listen and help me process allowed me to work through my grief healthily and find peace, even in the midst of the chaos of my senior year of college. Margot's help and influence has made such a positive difference in me being the happy, healthy person I am today." -Previous client.